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"The Blazing Lily" CD

"The Blazing Lily" Album, Jewel Box.

"NORHOD has that whole beauty and the beast vocal combo that made Theatre Of Tragedy so great in the 90s. This is goth metal the way I kinda envision it, the battle between good and evil, where you don’t really know which side to vote for."

1. Caer Arianrhod (A Moon Tale - Part I)
2. Doomed To Oblivion (A Moon Tale - Part II)
3. Illusion Of Infinity
4. Lily's Ashes (A Moon Tale - Part III)
5. Fading With The Dark
6. Through The Forest
7. Last Sundown (A Moon Tale - Part IV)
8. Creatures
9. Mirrors Lady
10. Arianrhod (A Moon Tale - Part V)
11. White Spiral


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